Relationships Between Organizations and Innovations Essay

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(a) What is the relationship between organizations and innovation?
The research is aimed at defining the relationship between the two concepts that is innovation and organization, the concept innovation can be acquired and exploit by many organizations to achieve superior value. Mobbs C (2010), outline different definition constituting to innovation, one of the definition as stated by UK department of trade and industry (2004) defines innovation as “successful exploitation of new ideas”, Michael Porter (1990) further defines innovation as “A nation competitive advantage“ therefore innovation can be broadly defined and observed as a vital approach to achieve organizational goal and competitiveness.(Oxford dictionary;2005:1030) defines the
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(Love, H & Roper, S; 2009) state that open innovation between external entities and internal employees of the organization will increase mobility of skilled workers. Munier, F(2006) conceptual frame work as stated by Levinthal (1993) describe exploitation of external knowledge as being a crucial approach towards innovation, the article further emphases innovation as stated by (Gibbons et al., 1994) that for an innovation to be established it require a multi interaction with public institution such as universities and other research centre .
Based on the articles and journals discussed above, complimentary relationship between organization and innovation was able to be identified. Innovation cannot happen in a vacuum, therefore an organization need to exploit new ideas in order for innovation to happen. The key drivers of innovation are people in an organization, who would then transform these ideas into something useful.
(b) What are for you and your firm/company the two most important lessons learnt from the organization and innovation course?
Studies were conduct by various articles and journals to exploit the meaning of innovation and organization to a larger scale. However the content of the course outlined the two crucial concepts, that is Product and Process innovation, lesson learnt from this two concept could be of a great value adding to Eskom as a whole. If an individual job profile is aimed at providing advice to Eskom vendors/supplier related quality
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