Relationships Between States Lack Order: A Discussion

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It has often been said that relationships between states lack order. This work will explore this idea through an examination of class text and the theories within it. One must first ask how it is possible that the "state" the central authority responsible for governing and establishing a sense of "order" in both micro and macro level issues of sociology could create relationships with other "states" that lack order. This work will argue that this lack of "order" is seen in the political with regards to the establishment of authority internally and externally and in the social with regard to variations in acceptable social order or the ways in which the populous of one state is expected to act or is allowed to act by force of social norms and the legislation of them and its lack of accordance with other states legislated social norms. These issues are fundamentally separate, i.e. the political and the social and yet they are also not mutually exclusive as they individually influence one another to a large degree. In other words the legislation and establishment of authority and how the "state" acts toward and in comparison of other "states" will affect the perceived level of authority by another "state" which it is expected to maintain relations with and the social actions of the populous, as sanctioned by the "state" or ignored by the state and therefore allowed, influence the perception of the authority of the state by other states and vice versa. These potential
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