Relationships, Fate, And Freewill Essay

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Sophomore Honors English
Summer Assignment
Period 3
Relationships, Fate, and Freewill Relationships aren’t just a romantic pairing between two people. A platonic friendship can be a form of a relationship. Student and teacher, boss and employee, business owner and customer are all examples of relationships. I feel that this thematic unit will represent relationships between different types of people, and also different type of relationships such as physical and emotional. For me, relationships of all types and forms have been hard because I usually am better at making conversation with adults. Making friends with people my own age is never something I’ve been too good at, keeping those relationships is very difficult. A novel that I think perfectly represents so many different relationships is My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. This novel shows the strong bond between sisters. Even though Anna was “made” to save Katie, Anna still feels so strongly connected to Katie that at one point she compares their relationship to that of Siamese twins. It also shows the intricate web of emotions that is sometimes stretched out between families especially when they are dealing with a very sick child.

The difference between fate and freewill is that fate can be defined as a series of events that are predetermined and unavoidable before they even happen, whereas freewill is when anything can happen and the future has many paths that we can choose from. I personally think that…
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