Relationships In The Winslow Boy

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An analysis of Catherine´s development in The Winslow Boy, focusing on 2 key extracts from the play. The playwright, The Winslow Boy is written by British Terence Rattigan. It was written in 1946. The story follows the Winslow family. A family located in South Kensington, London, right before the first world war. Ronnie, the family's youngest son gets in trouble at his boarding school, Osborne naval college. Ronnie is expelled from the college because apparently he had stolen a postal order. His father, Arthur won’t let his son and his family's pride come to ruin and makes the decision to fight the system, and take the case to court. External and internal conflicts take the family on a journey for justice and right. Romance, drama and family relations are all genres touched upon…show more content…
One example of where Catherine manages to display her understanding of her future life is towards the end of the play where it is written in a declarative sentence ‘ Yes, Sir Robert. One day. But not in the gallery. Across the floor.’´ (Act 4), here in the very end of the play, Catherine says to Sir Robert that the next time he sees her, she won’t be up in the gallery with the rest of the audience. Instead she says that she is going to be across the floor, hinting that Catherine has ambitions towards being a lawyer or having another role in court. She shows this by the way she tries to learn crucial tricks and terminology that is imperative to the court. This is also something that Rattigan hints often towards throughout the play. Rattigan writes in such a way that doesn’t say straight out how Catherine feels/thinks, but instead he formulates it to show her confidence and leave the audience pondering of what exactly Catherine meant. He tries also to reveal Catherine in a way where she shows a fundamental interest towards the justice
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