Relationships In Things Fall Apart And Peter Weir's Dead Poets Society

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In both Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Peter Weir’s Dead Poets Society, the complex relationships between father and son are caused by the father's desire to force their own beliefs onto their sons. Okonkwo and Neil Perry both form these beliefs off of conformation to society and following the status quo within each novel. Both these two fathers use their authority to enforce these beliefs. This restriction of beliefs cause the boys to suppress their hopes and passions until they erupt with rebellion which leads to conflict with their fathers. Despite their misjudgements, both fathers want what's best for their sons however they believe the only way their sons can be successful is for them to follow in their father's footsteps. Okonkwo was burdened with a great shame from early in his life, his father's legacy and he used what he learned from his relationship with his father to help raise his oldest son Nwoye. His father, Unoka, was known throughout Umuofia for accumulating great debts and never paying them back. So much so that he had an entire wall that displayed each debt he had owed, this wall showed lines of chalk where “ ‘Each group there represents a debt to someone, and each stroke is one hundred cowries’” (7). Unoka owed one man one thousand cowries as well, such an unreliable man held no influence within the tribe and Okonkwo would accept no such fate. He learned what his father had been a failure at and Okonkwo made a point of being skilled at such tasks.

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