Relationships In Tim OBrien's The Things They Carried

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In Tim O’Brien’s novel, The Things They Carried, he uses the theme of relationships and the different forms they take to instruct the reader on how these relationships affect individuals. In O’Brien’s story, he splits his experience in life and the Vietnam War into various sections in order to retell his experiences as well as his fellow platoon members all the while teaching readers various themes and truths about love, life, and war. The tale jumps around from his time before the war, the war itself, and the aftershocks. In life, there are various types of relationships experienced between two beings; this act of bonding between two persons is rather powerful and strange for such a daily occurrence, that other forms are often overlooked. When one thinks of relationships, it is often depicted as two lovers, such as Mark Fossie and Mary Anne Bell who would do anything for a love so pure, but it’s also important to take other forms of relationships into consideration. Tim O’Brien demonstrates this idea in his gripping novel, The Things They Carried, through the different members of the platoon and how they each interact with each other and with themselves; indicating the importance of the relationship with oneself, the sense of comradery between the men, and even political relationships of the countries involved can determine the survival rate of the soldiers involved. Certainly, ones relationship whether it is positive or negative, is often overlooked by society, and is
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