Relationships Make Us Do Crazy Things

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Love Relationships make us do crazy things. The love that lies within relationships has led many people to do irrational, erratic, erroneous, and unstable acts. People have killed, cheated, broken people’s hearts, ruined others lives, and ruined their own. Love is a rose. At first glance, and if treated properly, it would look beautiful and romantic. However, when you get down to the roots of it, pain stems and hurts you deeply, as the thorns pierce your skin. If you treat it properly, cherish and nourish it, it will continue to live on and prosper. If disregarded and not cared for correctly, it will slowly die away over time, and you will be left with nothing. Many people have fell in love, and just as many have fallen out of it. It happens multiple times with the same person, and it could very much happen with multiple people. As much as it is a thing of spirit and unexplainable, there is some science behind the history of love and what it causes. What is love, and why does it send us on an emotional rollercoaster through life without giving you the slightest clue of when it will end? The answer is simple, actually. Love is usually explained as magical and a thing of spirit, but science and psychology can very well explain how love can drive us to do crazy things. The Scarlet Letter is a story that can be used to explain love, and what it can do. The Scarlet Letter starts off with Hester, the main character. She is on a scaffolding in front of everyone, being shunned
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