Relationships and Marriage - Don't Marry!

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Don't Marry! "Marriage is quite likely the one most damaging force our species have ever invented, up to and including war." Harold Christensen, author of Marriage Analysis, is not the only person who believes marriage is in many ways "hogwash." To borrow a phrase from the 1980's, young women simply have to "say no to marriage." Not only is it unnecessary, but a bad habit as well. We young women who are now at the age for which marriage becomes a regular topic of conversation need to stick together Single woman must learn the satisfaction, the fulfillment that awaits them by refusing to be taken in by those who insist that to be feminine, normal, happy, and fulfilled, they must marry. Let's take the premise first:…show more content…
Has she ever been attracted to a man to whom she were not legally bound? Choosing to be single can lead to all of these wonderful things. Do not pass them up! On the other hand, do not expect many people to understand your peace and joy either. Louise Casler states in The Decade of Change, "Ever since I made it widely known that I'm single because I choose to be single, I've been psychoanalyzed by more amateur psychiatrists than you can shake a couch at." According to Casler, people assume she must have something wrong with her if she doesn't believe in marriage. People have called her "bitter" and a "latent lesbian," and she has been told that she "hates men," regardless of the fact that she has "a perfectly marvelous time with men." When women choose the single life, immediately all eyebrows rise. As women, we can be happy and content being single, even if others believe such a lifestyle is not normal. So, don't be normal. Besides, what exactly is "normalcy"? Nobody has yet come up with a working definition of that word, so how can anyone say an unmarried lady is "abnormal"? In what way? Is she abnormal because she does not want to play the game? Because she chooses independence? She could be almost anything else in the world, except single, and nobody would call her "abnormal". Different maybe, but not nuts. Just let her forego the uncertain pleasures of wifehood, and she is immediately
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