Relationships in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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The relationship shown in Act 3 Scene 5 between Juliet and Lady Capulet is portrayed as poor. Lady Capulet is shown as a very distant mother, though this is to be expected when there is a Nurse taking care of the child from the early stages of the child’s life. In Act 3 Scene 5 Lady Capulet is very fickle in making her decision to stand up for Juliet when she decides to go against her father’s orders and not marry Paris. This lack of the ability to stand up for her own daughter just emphasises the distance between Lady Capulet and Juliet as Mother and Daughter. This fickleness is shown through related quotes like, “I would the fool were married to her grave”. Lady Capulet then changes her mind and shows some faint rebellion against Lord …show more content…

In the time this play was set, a man’s daughter was seen as the man’s property, therefore the father was allowed to give his daughter to whom he thought was suitable. The daughter refusing her father’s instructions was seen as dishonourable and embarrassing for the father, for this shows a lack of power and control over his own daughter. To avoid his daughter embarrassing him like this, Lord Capulet resorts to violence, threats and insults. He shows anger and violence when he says, “My fingers itch”, meaning he would hit any of the three women present at the time. He threatens to disown his only daughter because of this rebellion, “An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets”, here Lord Capulet is basically telling her that if she doesn’t obey him then she will end up, dying on the streets. Meanwhile, throughout the whole of this argument, lord Capulet is throwing insult after insult at Juliet, names like “green sickness carrion” and “tallow face”, which mean, “green sick dead meat” and “pale, ugly, death like face”. These are really powerful insults to be calling your daughter and they just emphasise the level of anger that Lord Capulet is in. This sort of behaviour is to be expected from Lord Capulet, because he feels he has done an excellent job in securing his daughter’s future with a perfect husband, and now Juliet is throwing his best efforts in his face. He highlights how hard he has worked in finding an

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