Relationships in The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson Essay

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The Other Side of The Bride Essay. The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson is a book that depicts two different people, that mainly focuses on jealousy, rivalry and the power of obsession over half a century. There are many characters in the novel and they build relationships with one another that eventually become intertwined. The relationships that are built end up having an effect on the character, and contributes something different to his understanding of himself and the decisions he makes. Ian in the novel is an example of that, where the relationships he builds with the others, helps him find who he is as a person and affects the decisions he makes. Specifically through the relationships with Pete, his father, and Jake, he …show more content…

In the epilogue at the end of the novel Ian and Pete end up fishing again and Pete says, “Nope. But he’s down there, man. He’s down there.”(355). Going back to the memory of trying to catch the fish that almost pulled Pete overboard, showing that Ian is staying in Struan for good. Ending the novel with doing something he loves to do with his best friend and implying that he is escaping from the recent news of Arthur’s upcoming death. Pete also helps Ian realize how beautiful the town of Struan actually is. “Beyond the dragonflies the sun was sinking slowly, casting its rays across the lake, and on either side, everything, as far as the eye could see, was slowly dissolving into the haze. Ian thought, If I live to be a hundred years old. I will always remember this.” (226-227). Ian after seeing this moment with Pete realized the beauty of his hometown Struan. The relationship Ian builds with Pete makes him realize much he loves his hometown of Struan because of its beauty and without Pete, Ian would never have these beautiful images of Struan. Theses images later influence Ian and he decides to live there and become the doctor of the town. Another big influence that Ian had in his life, inspired to become a doctor in the future and that person is Ian’s father. The relationship with Ian and his father is also very important to Ian’s understanding of himself. Ian’s father helps him realize what he

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