Relationships in the House of Spirits

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This essay will be going through the different types of love, and the power that they wield. Throughout the novel, different characters hold different powers of love. First, Clara’s love towards Ferula and Pedro Segundo will be discussed. And second, Esteban’s obsessiveness with Clara will be looked at closer. The bonds of love are stronger in relationships that aren’t acceptable compared to relationships that are acceptable in society. Clara possesses two different types of loves that are portrayed very strong within this novel for; Ferula Trueba, and Pedro Segundo. The relationships for these people were not acceptable within this society. Clara’s relationship with Ferula is very strong, it is more of a friendship relationship, then it …show more content…
Not only did he become lonely because of Clara leaving, but also because everyone had left. No one he cared for was around anymore. Overall, Esteban needed to hold his frustration to himself, and not take it out on others. If he had done that, it could’ve saved a lot of relationships for himself. It could’ve saved his relationship with Clara, Ferula and also his daughter since she had left with Clara. Some may say, that Clara also had romantic feelings towards Ferula, because of always being with Ferula instead of Esteban, however this is not true, only Ferula had romantic feelings for Clara. Ferula was the one who went to the church to confess her feelings for Clara, “I can’t sleep at night… Sometimes I tiptoe in and watch her while she sleeps. She looks like an angel. I want to climb into bed with her and feel the warmth of her skin and her gentle breathing.” (Allende 99) It may seem that both Clara and Ferula shared the same feelings, especially after Ferula died, and Clara took care of her instead of Ferula taking care of
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