Relativism Vs Realism

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Joseph Cipullo
Professor Butera
Philosophy 103
October 28, 2017

Relativism or Realism What is Plato’s reasoning for rejecting moral relativism in favor of moral realism? Moral Relativism is defined as the view that moral judgements are true and false only relative to some particular standpoint and no standpoint is uniquely privileged over all others. An interpretation of moral relativism is that it is an understanding that the ethical position of right or wrong is culturally centered and as a result subjected to a person’s individual opinion. Plato however spends a great deal of time arguing against moral relativism and in favor of moral realism. The argument Plato proposes is that moral relativism is irrational because
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According to moral relativism, there are no guidelines as to what is considered right or wrong, therefore we are unable to judge one’s beliefs. The two types of relativism are individual and cultural. Individual relativism is the view that each person creates their own standards, while cultural relativism is that the societies create moral standard which are authoritative over the people. The founder of relativism, Protagoras, said “man is the measure of all things- of all things that are, and of things that they are not.” This ideally means that each person sets their own standards of truth by their own judgements. Moral relativism is practically the idea that a given thing is based upon the perception from which it is viewed. Plato argues against moral relativism by supporting a form of moral realism. Moral realism is the metaphysical view that such things as moral facts and values are objective and independent of our perception of them. The first argument Plato makes is that moral relativism is logically unsound because it has no logical reasoning because if all standards are subjective and dependent on perception, then anyone could adopt their own perspective of moral realism. The primary distinction between moral realism and moral relativism, is that a moral realist believes there are objective moral facts. A moral relativist on the other hand
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