Relax Marlie Monologue

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“Hey Page, I’m going to need a caramel macchiato, sugar-free chocolate syrup, extra shot of foam, light ice, no whip, and exactly one hundred-twenty degrees fahrenheit. Oh and don’t forget decaf.” “Relax Marge. I’m not an intern anymore, you can’t just boss me around. Which means I won’t be taking coffee orders for anyone. Not even you. Besides I know that you can’t stand coffee.” “ Oh look I’m Page, I won’t get coffee for anyone, and I’m going to use the elevator.” Marge proceeded to mock me for a considerable amount of time, occasionally mumbling under her breath making sure I couldn’t hear her. Most of the time I can’t stand her . At twenty-three years old I shouldn’t allow this kind of treatment to happen to me. No one knows how much
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