Relaxed Celebrity Sentencing

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Lax Sentences for Celebrities: A Look at Criminal Injustice David House Prof. Ashli Arbo CJUS 230 9 August 2010 Lax Sentences Page 1 Lax Sentences for Celebrities A Look at Criminal Injustice Abstract Disparities between sentencing practices of celebrities and regular citizens are becoming a heated issue across the nation. This subject has received much attention due to the fact that we have so many celebrities that are in and out of court and jail today and those individuals are receiving much less sentences than individuals that are not celebrities. The basis of this paper is to provide its reader with information regarding…show more content…
It’s like giving an allowance to a child, the more you give them, thinking they will do what they are supposed to do and act right, the more the act totally against it. Entertainers and celebrities get so wrapped in fame and glory and themselves, they often times forget they are just people, like everyone else. Their behaviors are most time excused by society and by courts due to them being under extreme pressure, their lives are in the public eye and this supposedly causes stress and strain on their lives. Are we supposed to look away and forget that we also have issues in our lives, but, if we are caught doing these same acts our actions are not looked away from, we are actually held accountable for what we are doing. Should there be study’s done to find out the link between money and bad behavior? Is such a study even necessary or should we just start holding these persons accountable for what they are doing? We hold them to a higher standard because of their positions in life, but, when it Lax Sentences Page 5 comes to criminal activity, when look away and say “oh it’s ok”. Is this the way our criminal justice system should be responding to these acts? How does this make the rest of society look at our criminal justice system? Most of society totally mistrusts our court system today; they are under the impression in no way will they receive a fair trial for the same act that a celebrity would commit. The

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