Release Of Information ( Roi ) Staff Privacy And Privacy Rule Training Test

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HIM 6840 Case Studies in Health Information Management Name: Bayo Oshunlalu Case #: 4 - 11 Case Title: Release of Information (ROI) Staff Privacy and Privacy Rule Training Test Privacy and HIPPA Training Quiz for Release of Information Instructions: Place an “X” beside the each of the following situations that violate HIPPA Requirements. X a. Marjorie just processed a request for PHI. It was 60 days ago. Explanation: According to both HIPAA and ARRA regulations, healthcare organizations compels to allow all reasonable efforts to limit the disclosure of information to the minimum necessary data to accomplish the purpose of the request (McWay, 2010). Based on the information provided, the request for PHI fails to specify the date of validity of the release of PHI. According to the HIPAA privacy rule, a request for the release of PHI is invalid if the request meets the following specifications (1) expiration date not specified that is related to purpose of disclosure, or the date on the request for information has elapse, (2) If the authorization request have been revoked, (3) failure to clearly state the intended purpose of release of information, (4) failure to provide signature and date of authorizing the disclosure of information ( or failure to provide specification of the representative’s authority to act on behalf of the patients), and (5) failure to specify the entity disclosing and the recipient entity (Department of Health & Human Services, 2004). There

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