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Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to detail reflections on my performance after 12 hours of coaching or mentoring to prove my potential as a management coach or mentor. Main Body Self-assessment Critically review how my own ethical and moral values, beliefs, attitudes and personal integrity affect how well i perform as a leadership mentor or coach Critically review the practical skills needed to perform effectively in the role of a leadership mentor or executive coach. Focus on working with diverse groups of leaders. Explain how to use my personal qualities and abilities to support the growth of leadership capability. Focus on how to adjust my practice to respond to differences between individuals and their organisational…show more content…
Areas that require a conscious effort to ensure that I am a ‘great coach’ are my need to ‘influence’ outcomes and wanting to take too much responsibility for the outcomes. During my recent coaching experience I have worked hard to only ‘influence’ the coachee positively rather than directing towards a possible solution and consciously pushed back at coachees asking for answers to get them to take responsibility for finding solutions. I have concluded that my purpose as a coach is to: influence clients to think, communicate and act in ways that lead to better results in their highest priorities. This purpose gives me clear direction in terms of which values, beliefs and attitudes are appropriate and which are not. 2.1.2 Executive coaching and mentoring can be used to support leaders from any industry, from any educational background and from the whole spectrum of views on the disciplines validity. Therefore I would argue that the practical skills needed to perform effectively need to be adapted to suit each of these individuals personal needs rather than an application of a general one-size-fits-all model. Megginson & Clutterbuck (2009) refer to this a ‘British Eclectic Model’ of various techniques and options to suit each case on its own merits. Although they refer to the whole, I argue that even practical skills should be adapted. The key skills I believe I

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