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I will be reflecting on my experience as a student nurse on my participation in patient-centred care. I will be focusing on how communication is a key factor to ensuring the comfort of your patient during their journey in hospital. My reflection will be based on my practice learning experience in a neurology ward. I have chosen a particular example for ineffective communication. The aim of this essay will be to use the framework of Gibbs reflective Cycle (1988) to allow me to reflect in a written and clear way, this will gives me the chance to look at communication from different angles and allows me to explore areas of practice which could be changed in the future (Jasper, 2003). As a nurse I feel that we learn a lot of our skills…show more content…
If I were to evaluate my experience as in Gibbs (1988).This was an ideal example of why inter professional communication is very essential. As a nurse we communicated to the theatre staff through the paperwork and by phoning them and when they told her that she couldn’t get the procedure, we communicated that this was their fault and stood up for our patient. Analysis: Using Gibbs's reflective cycle has assisted me in making sense of the situation and to put things into perspective, recognizing how I can put this learning experience to positive use in my future practice as a Nursing professional. If this situation were to arise again I know I would be as assertive and if I feel the needs of a patient are not being met, my first consideration should be to protect the interests and safety of patients, in line with the NMC (2002) Code of Professional Conduct, (clause 8). This reflection has highlighted the need to increase my knowledge and understanding of the process of communicating with patients who are vulnerable; I will address these issues by always making sure that the patients allergies are highlighted. Conclusion In conclusion it can be seen that the nurse has a very important role in communicating with patients through their treatment. When a patient is admitted to hospital, professional staff could have been prevented. Overall, through this reflection I have learnt that

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