Relevance Of Birth Order And Personality Learning Styles

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Mikayla Titus
Sociology 312
Dr. Sabrina Danielson
14 December 2016
Relevance between Birth Order and Personality—Learning Styles
The debate between whether there is a correlation between familial birth order and specific personality traits, such as intelligence, success, and social skills, has been discussed and argues since 1874, where Francis Galton started to first look at the subject. The birth order’s impact on the individual is a subject that still is questionable on whether it exist or not to this day. There are plenty of studies that argue for and against this correlation, but the real question is which is right? Through this study I will look to try and reassure a reassure a correlation between birth order and personalities traits, through examining the main focus question, how does birth order influence the personality and learning styles of an individual?
In a society where equality is important, this study can enlighten how learning styles are influenced by birth order. Along with provided research that can help support ways to make success achievable by more. By determining if birth order does have a clear influence of these learning style, we can furthermore learn better ways to work with the later children to enable them the same chances that the first born children tend to have. This will provide evidence to help give children an equal chance at success and prosperity.
Literature Review It is commonly assumed that the eldest child tends to be
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