Relevance of Teamwork to Human Resource

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Topic: RELEVANCE OF TEAMWORK TO HUMAN RESOURCES Abstract Human resource is a central department in all kinds of organizations. This is because; it plays a crucial role toward the improvement as well as success of an organization. Among the roles of human resource department, is to ensure proper co-ordination of human capital within an organization, which plays a critical role in all areas of an organization (Armstrong, 2001). The improvement of an organization can be determined by the duties and performance of those working for that organization. Therefore, underachievement can be as a result of hiring of the wrong people or failing to anticipate the need of hiring more people. It is because of such reasons that human capital becomes a vital and central concern in any organization. Human resource department may be always tied, and engaged to the overall plans of an organization; hence there is a need for teamwork in all departments. Teamwork can be said to be a link developed by individuals or business, which can directed towards performing a certain task with an intention of getting or producing a high quality results (Blanchard &Thacker, 2010). This involves working together as a team, each performing its function in order to obtain a given objective Therefore, teamwork lead to better services, product production as well as better decisions within an organization. Therefore, there is a need for teamwork in human resource sector particularly in training and
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