Reliability Analysis Of Refined Model With 25 Items And 5 Factors Essay

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Reliability Analysis

The reliability analysis of refined model with 25 items and 5 factors was undertaken to verify how strongly the attributes are associated with each other. (Hair et al., 2010). Cronbach’s alpha for the full scale came to be 0.851 .The reliability test is deemed to be acceptable when the Cronbach’s Alpha value exceeds the Nunnally’s reliability criterion of 0.70 level (Hair et al., 2010). Dimension wise the value of Cronbach’s Alpha came to be 0.903 for Personal competence, High standards and Tenacity (Factor1), 0.867 for Trust in one’s instincts, Tolerance of negative affect and the Strengthening effects of stress (Factor2), 0.932 for Positive acceptance of change and Secure relationships with others (Factor 3), 0.752 for Control (Factor 4) and 0.812 for Spiritual influences (Factor 5). (Refer Table 4).

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Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Confirmatory factor analysis using Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimation was used to examine the hypothesis regarding number of factors their loadings and factor inter correlations. For assessing the model fit the independence model was compared to the hypothesized model. Results revealed that the independence model, which tests the hypothesis that all variables are uncorrelated, was a poor fit for the data and therefore, it should be rejected, χ²(300,N=152)=2814.908,p< 0.005. The literature reveals that ideally, the χ² value should be small and its associated probability value should be greater than
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