Reliability And Availability Evaluation Of A System Switched

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RELIABILITY AND AVAILABILITY EVALUATION OF A SYSTEM SWITCHED TO ANOTHER SIMILAR, SUBSTITUTE OR DUPLICATE SYSTEM ON TOTAL FAILURE ABSTRACT A two-unit standby system is considered with two types of repair facilities. One facility repairs one unit at a time and other facility repairs both the units simultaneously. When both the units fail, if unit can be repair in short time then repair will be continued, otherwise in order to improve availability another substitute system taken from outside is used, which is guaranteed for failure free operation. Assuming failure and repair times as exponentially distributed, Expressions for the mean time to system failure (MTSF), the steady state availability and busy period for system are derived using linear first order differential equations. A particular case for the proposed system is discussed in which substitute system was not considered. Also comparison is performed graphically to observe the effect of the proposed system on Availability. Keywords: Availability, Linear first order differential equation, Mean Time to System Failure, Reliability, Steady State Availability. 1) INTRODUCTION Competition exists in every field, to keep ahead a major challenge is availability improvement of a system, as less availability has negative impact. People often use “availability” and “reliability” interchangeably. In fact, however, the two terms are related but have distinct meanings. Reliability (as measure of the mean time between system
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