Reliability Of Aircraft Design And Aircraft Systems

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This capstone will involve an assessment of the developments made in aviation safety, which has greatly improved over the years thanks to the many advances in different but interconnected aviation fields. The main factors are aircraft design, human factors, and organizational safety cultures. This project will initially evaluate the improvements in aircraft design and aircraft systems by comparing different aircraft materials, by analyzing the improved reliability of aircraft components and by assessing what technologies have been used to revolutionize aircraft systems. Moreover, the project will evaluate what steps have been taken towards more efficient procedures to decrease human error and enhance organizational cultures and will demonstrate how accidents are often cause of multiple contributory factors. Furthermore, it will be assessed what laws and regulations have been implemented by the FAA and ICAO to reduce the number of accidents associated with human error and poor safety cultures. Lastly, it will be analyzed what elements affect aircraft survivability and how the chances of surviving aviation accidents have increased significantly over the years. Assessing the Developments in Aviation Safety: Aircraft Design, Human Error, and Safety Cultures Statement of the Project This will be an individual project that will serve the purpose of demonstrating the student’s skills at the 11 program outcomes as described in the Undergraduate Capstone Policy
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