Reliability Of Statistics : Statistics Essay

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Reliability of Statistics Today most of us live in a world surrounded by data. Everything that we do calculates findings to supply data for statistical findings to show that it is either wrong or right. Statistics is not a new process in our lives; it has been around for close to 400 years from the history I was able to find discussing statistics or probability. The oldest date found was identified by Stigler (1999 p. 207) were he explained that in 1628 a William Harvey released a study on the motion of blood and the heart. The study, which consisted of statistical facts, proved that blood passes through the body by the pulsation of the heart. To us in today’s world that does not sound like a great discovery. However, to a world that did not know the method of how the blood flowed through the body, it was a great achievement. Without identifying the research as being statistical, we can go back even farther to find that one of the items possibly found in your garden today is actually one of the oldest known timekeepers in the world, the sundial. “The sundial existed in a very primitive form in Egypt from at least the 15th century B.C.” (Bigliazzi, Spaans, Dunaud, & Juran, 1995). Discovery of one of the earliest specimens of a sundial was in Greece in which dated back to the third century B.C. In Greece, they studied the mathematics of the sundial, which in turn led to improving the accuracy of the timekeeper. In order to establish and improve the accuracy of the
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