Reliability of the Bible

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Values III

Bible – Is it reliable?

Group Members/ Researchers
John Somontina
Jung Jee Won
Alfred Capati
Cianna Sumayo
Ryan Gimenez
Martin Libo-on

Table of contents
Chapter I – Introduction. * Background of the study. * Statement of the problem/ Problem statement. * Significance of the study.
Chapter II – Review of related literature.
Chapter III – Methodology * Research design * Data gathering procedure * Respondents
Chapter IV – Conclusion and recommendation.

Background of the study The bible is a book, used as a guide, and the vital proof of the faith of many
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Significance of the study
In this term paper we know this study is an important topic, as it remains a great controversy to the world for many thousands of years – is the bible reliable, more importantly, is the spiritual author of the bible reliable to the world? We will convince them that indeed the Bible is reliable. This paper plays an important role in convincing many people, including the researchers themselves to the truth.
We will show you why the Bible is still reliable and relevant up to this day, but why is it important to discuss about this topic? It is important because with this topic, we will be able to reach out to people who don’t believe and are in doubt on the reliability of the bible. We will also be able to prove to the multitude that the Bible isn’t just reliable, but it is also the truth.

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature

This topic has been studied on for a long period of time already. Thus, resulting to a lot of articles on the internet or in books that prove that the Bible really is reliable. Despite it being about thousands and thousands of years old, it is still consistent and very up to date.
The Bible, according to some scholars was written over a span of 1,500 years. It was written by prophets, kings and apostles that were used by God to put His words into writing. Although the Bible was first written in the Greek language, it has been translated to almost all languages present today and has been interpreted in many

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