Reliable Public Services Inc.

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1.) Introduction.
2.) Balance Sheet.
3.) Statement of Retained Earing.
4.) Income Statement.
5.) Statement of Cash Flows.
6.) Summary.

Introduction Reliable Public Services Inc. (RPSI), 200 employee multi-discipline firm, financial statements comprise balance sheet, statement of retained earnings, income statement, and statement of cash flows. In order to determine how healthy the firm is, it is essentially important to analysis the key financial indicators. These indicators are numerical accounting ratios show the firm financial status. Analyzing the productivity ratios, which measure the overall efficiency of a firm’s operations, then the profitability ratios, which measure the overall of effectiveness of a firm’s operations, next the activity ratios, which measure how well certain resources are being used, finally, the liquidity ratios, which measure the extent to which a firm is financed by debt and equity, is segmented for two-fiscal-years periods of Dec 31st, 2009 and Dec 31st, 2010, respectively. All correct-amount of dollars are presented in thousands except the ratios.
Balance Sheet By the end of the fiscal-year of 2010, RPSI’s balance sheet illustrated gradually growth in the current asserts at about 13%, however, presented significantly growth in the other assets over 500%. Likewise, the stockholder’s equity tremendously increased at level of 150%. On the other hand, the long-term debt declined because of the

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