Relief Efforts And Policing Of New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

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There is no question that relief efforts and policing of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina should have been handled much differently and that most of the problems that occurred after the storm were man made. Though the political realm of the aftermath created more problems for those truly in need than it helped, Abdulrahman Zeitoun managed to become a hero in a time of desperation. He was able to not only save himself, but helped in keeping those around him alive too. In the face of sheer tragedy and political corruption, Zeitoun became a hero through various individual feats. With his relentless need to help others and intense desire to stay in New Orleans knowing that the storm was coming, Zeitoun managed to have a profound impact on the lives of many. Zeitoun, the hardworking family man from Syria, has an unbelievably altruistic personality, which is one of the reasons that he found himself in such a dire situation later in the book. When news of the storms growth reaches him, Zeitoun is faced with a decision to either stay in New Orleans or go with his family to Baton Rouge in hopes of finding safety. With very little doubt, he decides to stay to make sure that his home as well as the various worksites throughout the city are safe and ready for Katrina. Knowing the magnitude of the storm, Zeitoun decides to attempt to preserve it as best as he can, but ultimately it would not matter. On Monday, August 29th, just after the initial landfall of the storm, Zeitoun put
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