Religion, Acceptance, And Social Change

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Throughout time, the views of homosexuality throughout a country can change. Whether its religion, acceptance, laws, or social change, the views will evolve. Greece serves as an example of a country that was once accepting of homosexuality, but is slowly progressing to not be as accepting. In Ancient Greece, homosexual relationships occurred regularly between an older man, and a younger child. As stated on,” Traditionally these relationships involved an older man and a youth and lasted until the youth reached full adulthood. Thereafter this type of relationship was frowned upon because physical love was perceived as always involving one person in a position of submission, something that was unacceptable for a full Greek citizen.” In Ancient Greece, homosexuality wasn’t much of an issue because of gender, it was an issue based on age. The acceptance of homosexuality throughout Ancient Greece has made a sharp turn in modern day Greece. Although there are currently no laws against gay marriage, there are no laws that protect homosexuals. For example, households where the main head is a homosexual couple’s do not have the same rights to protection as compared to couples that are heterosexual. Greece has experienced a turning point on their stance regarding homosexuality. A concept that was once highly accepted and viewed as common is now beginning to be looked down upon. Hate crime against homosexuals in Greece has begun to increase. As Fragkiska Megaloudi wrote on the
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