Religion Acts As A Central Point For Many People

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Religion acts as a central point for many people, in which they can relate to each other in different ways that nobody else can. People who share the same/ similar religious beliefs often feel closer to one and other, in a way that otherwise couldn’t be expressed. The connection that comes about in these religious communities allows these given to form a closer connection and form a larger congregation. In some cases, the individuals in these kinds of communities are very strict about their traditions, behaviors, actions, and in some extreme cases they do not accept any other way of life. There are plenty of religious communities that are down to earth and open to the outside world, they accept challenges to their beliefs because they believe that challenges make their religion stronger and tighter nit. No matter what the circumstance these types of communities have an encouraging amount of strength, and typical only crumble/ fall apart from within. If someone from the religious group starts to question the core values and beliefs of their community, they typical turn against the given individual. We see this represented in My Name is Asher Lev, written by Christian Potok, in which he explores the life of a Hasidic Jew. When one person starts to question within the community, the entire community gets affected. For the better of the community, this individual should be diminished from the community as a whole because it is tearing it apart from the inside out. This may…
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