Religion : An Aspect Of Our World

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Francesca Krupp
Final Paper
Dr. Land-Closson
27 April, 2016
Religion, for many is an aspect of our world that can bring people together, or in many cases, tear people apart. It can cause vast violence, or everlasting peace within civilizations. Religion defines the lives of many, governing how they live and the moral code that they choose to follow. However, Religion to em has always simply been what I was raised in. I grew up a cradle catholic, meaning from the day I took my first breathe, to the day I walked across my high school graduation stage, I had a firm grasp of what I believe in and why I believed in it. I have attended private catholic school my entire life, being taught over and over the importance of religion, but primarily, my religion: Catholicism. This semester was one of the first times in my nineteen years of life that I was exposed to the reality of what religion truly is to people, what i listed above. Religion became more of a lifestyle and a way of living than simply a Sunday morning or Thursday evening. Religion and The Human Quest has given me the chance to see many religions and how each of them have allowed my own religion to grow.
As I stated, to begin, I was raised in a very strong foundational Catholic home. I never desired to questions my faith, because to this day I am still very devoted to my Faith. I learned at a young age, and since then, that when you have hit rock bottom in your life sometimes all you have left is Faith, therefore it has
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