Religion And Gender On Homosexuality

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Religion and Gender on Homosexuality
Homosexuality can be seen as a highly controversial in today’s society. But there is one aspects of society that affect our views on homosexuality more so than others, and that is religion. This cornerstone in people’s life today plays a significant role in what we think and believe. Unfortunately for lesbian women and gay men, most religions are opposed to homosexuality and all it entails.
When homosexual marriage was deemed acceptable in the United States, the media was coving the topic from every angle, from newspapers and radio to social networking sites and television. This topic has been debated for a long time, and now it is legally accepted all across the United States, but that doesn’t mean homosexuals are free from discrimination from religion. In fact, religion can strongly indicate a person’s attitude toward same-sex couples rather than just in marriage Sherkat (2002) states that any homosexual is left with two options: either they give up on religion or sexual preference. Almost all religions view homosexuality as a sin and do not openly tolerate it (Sherkat, 2002). Sherkat (2002) continues to say that some religions will allow homosexuals to be a part or their services, but deny them eligibility of marriage and positions of importance with in the religion. This attitude has driven many homosexuals away from religion in general.
One major aspect of most religions is the family. This tie between family and religion is
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