Religion And Its Impact On College Students

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Introduction Spirituality is often a major aspect of the identity of an individual. Results from multiple studies show that college students place significant value on matters related to spirituality (Lindholm, 2007). It is defined as an acceptance and acknowledgement of God in every living and nonliving thing (Brown, 2012). Although this is often used interchangeably with religion, they are different concepts. Religion refers to the embrace of a set beliefs and ritual practices related to God. These practices and beliefs are ways to achieve spirituality. Another important term is faith, which can range in meaning from a general religious belief to a private acceptance of a set of beliefs (Newman, 2004). Belief in a higher power is used as…show more content…
Literature Review Although spirituality is often a major aspect of the identity of an individual, it is not a subject that is as widely discussed in higher education as other aspects of identity. I will review literature on college students and their spirituality, focusing on how it may be associated with their persistence throughout college. More specifically, my study will focus on religious college students who identify as Christian. The literature provides examples, such as prayer and spiritual strength, to offer insight into how students of the Christian faith use it to progress through their higher education experience. These studies build support of the idea that college student persistence can be related to the spiritual beliefs of a Christian student. Spirituality Spirituality holds significant importance. As individuals, we are comprised of multiple identities compounded to make us whole. Spiritual identity provides a way to integrate an individual’s other identities, both within themselves and with society (Pecchenino, 2009). It makes sense of and unifies the different aspects of life. At its core, spirituality helps to give our lives context (Mayo Clinic, 2006). It gives us a sense of purpose and allows us to connect with the world so that we are never really alone, even when we feel like it. Direction in life is also guided by spiritual beliefs (Baker, 2003). Some rely on a higher power to provide guidance in situations that they feel
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