Religion And Its Impact On Religion Essay

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Religion can be one of the most controversial topics in conversation due to difference of opinion not to mention beliefs. People have individualism, free will, and culture that determines the way to live life as well as perspectives about the afterlife. Wars have continued through centuries over religious perspectives and dissimilar beliefs even though there are many similar traits within major religions worldwide. Time continues to move although lives are lost over mistrust, hate and divide of faith. The number of people that observe religion is astounding ranking in the billions worldwide. This shows that mankind has and will always seek answers about our origins, life and where we go from here. Western societies versus Eastern contrast greatly from traditions, to rituals and daily life. Humans look for answers to questions naturally instilled in our minds and one can hope to gap the divide of differences by thinking we are all here together at the same time. Religions of the world have similarities in their belief systems like peace with respect of other religions, however they celebrate different rituals and practice contrasting customs in daily life leading to inaccurate stereotypes especially in Christianity and Hinduism. Studying beliefs worldwide can be concluded in one simple idea. Most religions have more similarities then first seen on the surface. In Christianity followers of Christ seek salvation through redemption of Jesus of Nazareth being crucified

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