Religion And Its Impact On Society

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It has been generally acknowledged that religious belief is a powerful force in society. Religion has been a major component of human culture since nearly the beginning of man. As we emerged as a high intellect species, we developed many different ideologies to answer some of our unanswerable questions. Since these developments, we continue to evolve as a species and the ideologies we have created evolve with us in our endlessly changing societies. As civilization grows, our different cultures clashed for many different reasons, one of which has been religion. As the human race has developed, its growth gas been accompanied by a large number of recorded genocides and religious wars. As religion grew, the power of religious officials increased immensely. These leaders have led clashes between religions which resulted in mass killings throughout history. With that said, can the negative outweigh the positive effects of religion throughout the course of human history? Holy warfare has been integral to religion because of the differences in the belief systems and feelings of superiority of the followers of each religion. Holy wars date back to the Bronze Age, when ancient city-states asked for help from their war gods before battle. One of the greatest and well-known wars caused by religion was The Crusades. In the year 1065, the Islamic Seljukian Turks conquered Jerusalem. Once in control, they slaughtered 3,000 Christians visiting the Jerusalem. It was common

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