Religion And Its Impact On Society

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Not a single person would define religion, in their own words, the same as anyone else. James Martineau, an English philosopher influential in the history of Unitarianism, once said “Religion is the belief in an ever living God, that is, in a Divine Mind and Will ruling the Universe and holding moral relations with mankind.” Many different people see religion in many different ways. Religion has been an important place in the history of civilization. It gives a meaning and purpose to human life and satisfies man’s longing for peace and salvation. “The essence of religion is a belief in the persistency of value in the world” said Harald Hoffding. Danish philosopher and theologian, of the early 1900’s. Eighty-four percent of the earth’s population believes in some type of religion. Although many people would argue that there is no God, religion was created based on the idea of a greater existence, in the early colonial times, many different religions have thus been formed, and all of these religions still effect our society today. Philosophical interest in religion may be said to have originated in the West with the ancient Greeks. Plato, who developed the metaphysical theory of Forms (abstract entities corresponding to the properties of particular objects), was one of the first thinkers to consider the idea of creation and to attempt to prove existence of God. Plato’s student, Aristotle, his own metaphysical theory of the first, or unmoved, mover of the universe, which many
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