Religion And Its Impact On Society

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For the past centuries religion has been a major force in the world and still continues to be one as there are billions of people that believe and follow a certain religion, but sadly religion has had a largely negative impact on the world today. As people continue to view religion in an unrealistic positive manner they continue to be deceived about its negative impact. During recent years there have been many headlines about how religion influenced people in performing terrible acts that oppress people or result in many lives being lost. Religion today is deeply embedded in people’s daily lives and plays a large role in countries, therefore when religion negatively impacts the world it affects millions of people worldwide and results in…show more content…
This can be seen through looking at the Buddhist vs Hindu conflict in Siri Lanka which has been going on for years as the minority Hindu feel they’re being mistreated by the Buddhist majority, which has resulted in continuous warfare leading to thousands of lives being lost due to this religious conflict (Ridge). Through observing the conflict in Sri Lanka it is evident that as people favor their people who believe in the same religion other religious groups will not accept this and they will fight even to the point of waging war. Secondly, as religion and a country’s territory become connected it is close to impossible for negotiations to occur between people of different faith who want the same land resulting in a war since neither side will compromise. Looking at the Israeli and Palestine conflict it has been going on for years and both the Jewish and Islamic religion play a measure role in this conflict, there has been constant warfare between these two countries and Israel is constantly being attacked by Palestinian Muslims who want to take back their land (Mullen, Black and Wedeman). Looking at this situation which is still present today it is clear that when it comes to religion people refuse to compromise as they feel they’re backed up by their religion and as a result they view what they are doing as
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