Religion And Its Influence On Religion

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There is a popular saying about religions that I hear since my childhood and it 's said everywhere; that religions are all "the same", and that they all call to the same ethical matters, ultimately lead to the same result as achieved the same end. This popular saying among revealed religions which used to relieve tension and historical conflict between their followers, they also quote my favorite physical and intellectual currents atheistic view that all religions are just a way to control people. But do all religions lead to the same end? Let us look a little on this question. Religions are not all the same, they might have similarities, but that doesn 't mean they are the same. Each religion has a certain purpose in life, it has its own rituals and beliefs that are followed by its followers. Most ancient wisdom schools considered that at the time of the first steps of humans on this earth, humans were possessed with one world religion which got lost with time into conflicts landslides, misunderstanding and geographical dispersion of people in all corners of the Earth. This theory believes that all of the current religions carry some characteristics from the old forgotten religion. These old hypothesis recognizes the significant difference between religions but consider that it can be overridden to return the old debt realization. Further, as the sociologist of religions, Stephen Prothero, author of "God is not one," says: "Religions differ because the fundamental

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