Religion And Its Influence On Religion

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Religion Influencing Kingship
Religion and the influence it has on kingship has fascinated scholars in fields such as history and religious studies. Kingship has been influenced by the use of religion for the purpose of legitimizing power, keeping promises to its people, and finding reason for life. Religious influence on kingship seems to be an almost universal concept in human history. The acceptance of religion has changed many kings’ lives, for the better. All throughout history, religion has expressed the answer to our deepest questions that we ask. It has been dedicated to be centrally place in the lives of all civilizations and cultures. Religion had a great influence on how Ashoka, Clovis and Charlemagne ruled their people.
Ashoka was born in the year 304 BC to a military family who did not practice religion. After a civil war in India, the warrior Ashoka became the third emperor of the powerful Mauryan dynasty. Emperor Ahsoka was soon to gain the reputation of being a very cruel and evil emperor. He began his reign by dedicating to expand the empire that already had been established. In the year 263 BC Ahsoka conquered the Kalinga nation and soon he ruled a sizeable portion of India. But in the process of conquering the Kalinga nation, Ashoka shamelessly killed roughly 200,000 people during the Kalinga Battle. After living with such regret and remorse for the huge amount of lost life, he decided to turn to religion. The “Rock Edicts of King Ashoka-Excerpts

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