Religion And Politics And Religion

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Religion and politics are two topics that should never be discussed. The reasoning behind this statement is because both are very controversial, especially religion. The term religion in itself does not have a proper definition because it varies based on what an individuals’ response the question of: what is religion? Throughout history, religions and belief systems have been associated with wars, persecution, diasporas, etc., which ultimately infers that religion is at the core of violence, hatred and exclusion. A main reason for these emotions of such negatively is due to the incapability of individuals’ to be understanding of the beliefs of others, and the ignorance that surrounds what religions consist of. The essence of religion is classified as faith, which ultimately leads to ignorance on the behalf of the one with faith and on society as a whole, due to lack of evidence and a preconceived notion to whom ‘God’ truly is.
Understanding religion means understanding the discrepancies within a majority of sacred scripture. The reason to specifically focus on scripture is due to it being the core of many religions, especially those that evolved from Abraham. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the term ignorance refers to: “lack of knowledge or information.” Alongside that definition the term faith means: “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.” Every religion is about a lack of evidence to support certain

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