Religion And Religion In Fernando Vallejo's Our Lady Of Assassins

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An author’s religious views will play into their work and how characters react to the views around them. Today we get to see how we religion became integrated into Latin America and how the colonizers subjected the people to a christianity. We can see blatantly how the idea of god and morals set by Catholicism play into the societies set within the fantastical yet historically real worlds set by the authors. Sometimes, religion and politics go hand in hand within the stories set due to how government and control can be unveiled in the stories. Religion becomes a driving tool in how characters within the stories function. The influence being so prevalent, that character rely on religion to excuse their actions and provide justifications for their behaviors. Slowly we see religion influence countries into oppressive dictatorships that value church preservation over the psychological and social impacts that church holds over the common people. Religion holds influence over an author’s writing and the story being told, European influences to this day still have lasting effects on of Latin American countries. The autobiographical novel Our Lady of Assassins by Fernando Vallejo depicts the city of Medellín where the main protagonist, Fernando, returns to see his childhood city and share it with someone. That someone being Alexis, a male escort and dicaprio (hit man) caught in a war between gangs. The novel takes place in Columbia, at the time of the novel is heavily influenced
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