Religion And Religion In Pi's Life Of Pi

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Life of Pi
In the book Life of Pi, Pi is a young man who is stranded in the ocean, in a 26-foot long boat, with a tiger. He must survive not only the ocean, the sun, and Richard Parker, but he must stay sane, only having himself and God to rely on. Pi, very religious as a child, continues to believe in God after and during this ordeal. This is why Pi’s faith and his imagination may have helped him survive.

Religion plays a big part in Pi’s childhood. While he likes science, which is usually the opposite of religion, he grows to be very religious. Pi first is a Hindu, a religion he was born around as he lived in India, a country where Hinduism is very common. Once Pi is fourteen, he finds a Christian church and decides to join the religion of Christianity, along with being a Hindu. Soon after, Pi meets a baker, Mr. Kumar, who shares the same name as Pi’s science teacher (a link between his love for science and religion, two studies he would later pursue in college) in a nearby town and becomes his friend, learning about Islam and soon becoming a Muslim as well as a Christian and Hindu - and it is considered unusual to practice three religions. A while after Pi has joined these religions, Mr. Kumar and the two men who run the church and temple meet Pi and his parents at a park. The three men soon begin to argue over Pi’s religion, and when he is asked by his parents what religion he is, he says he only cares for God in different ways. Soon after, Pi openly
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