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TITLE What is religion? Religion can be many things depending on which religion one practices, but one thing remains the same across every religion and that is that it is all based on faith. The core of every religion is an abstract thing. Religion is ultimately reliant on belief in invisible beings, inaudible voices, ethereal entities, and events and judgments that occur after we die. It is a fabrication of our minds. Religion requires its followers to simply accept it, without solid evidence. Books written about God and religion, such as the Bible and Book of Mormon, are all the works of a man, who supposedly heard the voice of god. Religion is a belief in the unseen and unknowable and is therefore at no time expected to prove that it 's right, or even show evidence for why it 's right. Given this limitless explanation, religion therefore has the capacity to do much harm to the world and civilization. Look at the evidence in history. Religion causes wars and violence amongst countries and people. It causes oppression amongst communities and even their own women. Religion runs to both ends of a spectrum, causing a sense of lack of responsibility and too much responsibility. Religion gives individuals the idea that they are higher than others and condemns those that are lesser than them, such as gays, mentally handicapped, and deformed individuals. Religion is the main cause for much of the destruction of the world and destruction within ourselves.

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