Religion And Society : Forever And A Half Ago

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Lynchel Brumaire Ido Tavory Religion and Society Forever and a half ago The rise of Social media within the last 10 years has revolutionized the way people interact with another. By analyzing the boundaries and practices of the Catholicism, this paper explores the tension between the Church and Social Media The father of Sociology, Emile Durkheim, asserted in his book Suicide that the strength of a religion should be measured by “a certain amount of beliefs and practices common to all the faithful and obligatory”. Durkheim found that these obligatory rites and rituals increase the social cohesion found in a group, which correlated with a lower risk of suicide. Compared to the Protestant Church, the Catholic Church has a greater amount…show more content…
(American Press Institute). As a result, the church has begun to ensure that the young generation now has the teachings of Catholic doctrine at the their fingertips. The church has also begun to spread its ministry in the form of podcasts, youtube videos, blogs, and apps. The church has found that while spreading its message using social media has brought and kept many people in the Church, it also has the potential to keep some young people complacent. However, while social media may help people have more access to knowledge, the church worries that it may also hurt the growth ones personal relationship with God. Having knowledge about Catholic doctrine does not necessarily mean that a person is fully in communion with the church. What ensures the salvation of a soul is receiving the Eucharist in accordance with Catholic doctrine. This past January in San Antonio Texas, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students(FOCUS) held a conference for 13,000 college students. FOCUS is an organization that implements recent Catholic grads with the tools of Church teaching and the Sacred Scripture, and sends them out as missionaries on the college campuses of America in order to “inspire and build up students in the faith” (FOCUS website). On the third night of the conference, the ‘Blessed Sacrament” of the Eucharist was exposed for Adoration. As one of they key rituals within the Catholic Church this evening was a salient moment for many

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