Religion And State : Religion

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Separating religion and state is not as simple as it may seem. Many ancient civilizations relied on religion to guide them and give their lives a purpose. Some civilizations were even built on the words of their gods. This did not mean every civilization enforced religion to the same extent, societies located in places like Egypt and Asia prioritized religion more than others like the early Mesopotamians. Different documents and pieces of writing emerged though the discovery of these civilizations and through these works historians were able to depict the role religion had to make the society function. Some had the role of religion be so prominent that they would not be the long lasting civilization without it. The importance of the relationship between religion and state is evident in the ancient civilizations specifically in the regions of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Asia however certain regions enforced religion to a larger degree than others.
In the region of Mesopotamia there was a greater value on human life and their interactions with people than the focus of intertwining religion and state. This did not mean religion was absent, the Sumerians just had a bigger priority of what is going on in daily life than what was to come of them afterlife. For instance, in the Sumerian myth the Epic of Gilgamesh, the ruler Gilgamesh was informed to enjoy his life and take advantage of all it has to offer because when life is over everyone ended up in the same place. The afterlife
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