Religion And The Early American Society

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Every culture has its own religion; and people of those cultures take their religion very seriously. Early Americans used their religion to get through some tough times. Each situation showed that as long as they had faith they could make it through any kind of trouble. However, they also misused their religion or took it out of context. Some even changed their perceptive on religion as if they were trying to find themselves. Religion kept them going strong and allowed them to overcome many dangers. Religion has an important role to those who are religious; which is the case for the early American society.
Early American society had to face many ups and downs, but they kept hope in their faith. Through every journey or voyage the people who took them looked to God to carry them safely to their final destination. By having faith that he would see to their safety they felt as though nothing could stop them. They feel everything good that happens is all Gods doing as long as they have faith and believe in him. A good example to use to show this is by looking at the Dedication From The Relation of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. “When we saw for certain that we were drawing near the Christians, we gave thanks to God our Lord for choosing to bring us out of such a melancholy and wretched captivity (Vaca 34).” Those are some of the ups early Americans had that helped keep their faith strong. However, for every up there are downsides. Sometimes thinking that one has so much power…
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