Religion And The Modern World Essay

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Religions and civilization have always gone hand in hand, forming and evolving as time goes on. With so many various religions represented throughout history and in our diverse cultures, there are various subjects, ideas, and themes depicted and repeated. With so many concepts available to us in so many forms, we are able to easily compare and discuss their presence and how they integrate into concepts of the modern world. Two forms of religion are animism versus anthropocentrism. Animistic religions are the oldest kind of religion (though only ten percent of the world currently practice) and maintains the belief that everything around us has a soul - animals, plants, the elements. Animistic religions view everything as sacred, so the Earth and those who inhabit deserve to be treated with respect. Anthropocentric religions, however, hold a drastically different opinion. While animistic religions view all as sacred, anthropocentric religions, such as Christianity, believe that only humans have a soul, placing them on a pedestal and regarding them as something superior to all other lifeforms. Due to the beliefs of anthropocentric religions, it can be argued that they benefit the capitalist economy. The capitalist economy likes to turn anything and everything possible into a profit, and by placing humans on a pedestal and viewing everything else as a lesser being, anthropocentric religions allow the exploitation of natural resources without the accompanying guilt of

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