Religion Based Laws And Islamic Law Essay

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In much of Northern Africa (e.g. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya), Islamic law exists as the foundation of these regional countries. Within many of these predominantly Islamic African nations, political law and Islamic law intertwine. With this being said, all homosexual conduct is criminalized in Northern countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. “Morality laws,” which are religion-based laws, tremendously limit the freedom of expression of LGBT individuals (“Sexual Orientation Laws In The World – Overview”). People are detained for infraction of Islamic values. They are often harassed, arrested, and tortured (e.g. whipped, beaten, burned) whether for a confession or simply as punishment. There is no regulatory order of conduct for these police operations, as it is simply stated that they are to defend their countries ' cultural values (In a Time of Torture). With the unjust enforcement of brutal social control upon civilians, one can begin to understand the obstacles of participation in the African LGBT Rights Movement. Especially in countries where the law not only excludes the protection of LGBT individuals, but outrightly condemns it, little to no public participation in the movement is observed. As previously noted, 38 of 54 African countries criminalize homosexuality. While the penal code of African countries commonly entails imprisonment for a variable amount of years (up to life term), in some countries, the death penalty is
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