Religion Between Social And Cultural Phenomena

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Religion maintains several different definitions. Each individual will hold what they believe to be the “correct” or “mostly correct” definition. For this reason, I will argue that religion is anything that an individual can identify with and that produces a particular way of life. I will also establish that there are very few points that differentiates religion between social and cultural phenomena, this will be done by first setting the foundation of what a religion must contain, In order for a religion to be considered such, there must be a foundation of which principles stand on. As with examining the way in which to study religion yielded no results, there is no particular way to determine what a religion is. Emile Durkheim identified that in order to study and compare religions, one must first identify the foundation of each religion, but because each religion looks different in the eyes of the practitioner, the distinguishable dilemma becomes if it is possible to find the common foundations (214). I fully believe that the only common foundations that one must identify are: (a) if the individual has a deep, spiritual connection and (b) if the individual practices or lives their life in a certain way due to such beliefs. By deeming want religion is and saying that it is to only worship a specific god or gods, it eliminates the definition I posed. Furthermore, animism is considered a religion, yet believes in no god or gods, rather states that plants and
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