Religion, Culture, And Politics

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As a Roman Catholic born into a religious family, there are a plethora of beliefs and practices which are central to my everyday life. Being enrolled in Catholic school from the age of five all the way through high school allowed me to develop a sense of belonging within the Church that influences almost all of my decisions. I do not believe that I would posses the same morals and values I have today if I had not been raised in such a way that allowed me to acquire these morals and values. The fact that I, along with many others, believe in the Christian faith definitely does have an impact upon American life, culture and politics. Similarly, the fact that many people adhere to other faiths affects American life, culture, and politics as well. In general, religion plays a positive role within society, so long as it does not prohibit others from living how they want to live. As a child, being raised Catholic of course meant attending Church on Sunday, but it also meant many other things as well. Being raised Catholic meant learning as much as possible about my religion, going to confession every so often, praying before every meal, and understanding that when a loved one passed away, there was a more peaceful and eternal life awaiting them. Most importantly, though, being raised Catholic meant being raised with morals and values that will stay with me well into adulthood and hopefully for the rest of my life. From an extremely young age, my parents and my teachers in
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