Religion, Culture And Politics Of Ancient Egypt Civilizations Essay

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The study of history through the lens of ecology can teach one about the divergence of religion, culture and politics of ancient society. There were many great civilizations that sprang up and progressed through the ages. One of this civilization was the ancient Egyptian. The Egyptian civilizations settled on the bank of Nile river which influenced the settlers to advance in the social aspect of their lives. In ancient Egypt, ecology played in important role in the development of their religious beliefs, culture, and politics that still influence current societies. Ecology shaped the culture of Egypt civilizations which helped them progress and ultimately spread around. The Nile River was the reason that gave an optimistic shape of the Egyptian culture. The Egyptians learned to cultivate the land from the Nile to grow crops. As a result, the valley became densely populated. The river was considered a source of blessing rather than a cause of the curse because of predictable flooding and controlled irrigation system, they were able to produce a surplus amount of food which help them focus on new innovation and social development.(The Hym of a Nile) With the help of ecology, the Egyptians civilization evolved rapidly, developed its own systems which include (hieroglyphics) writing, (astronomy) predicting the pattern of weather and (architecture) scripture of god and goddesses. In addition, near the Nile river was the “papyrus,” a form of paper, Egyptian 's used
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