Religion Essay

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Religion Essay

1. What are the functions of religion?

2. Is it possible to be religious and accept the teachings of modern science?
Based upon my opinion and research I believe that it is not possible to be religious and at the same time, accept the teachings of modern science. As explained in the two questions below, the idea of a religion is to seek the answer to the meaning of life, and after death, live in an eternity with their God. Many religions outline the beginning of the world and how we all had come onto this earth. For example, Christianity has the Garden of Eden, and Scientology believes we were placed on the earth by aliens. Now that technology is constantly advancing at such an incredible rate, modern society relies a
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In religion, as explained below, many look for the meaning and purpose of life, especially how we all came to live on this earth. Now science believes it can explain how we came to be, giving people no reason to search for a reason any more. ‘Many find the beliefs, moral practices, and rituals of a religion, to hold no meaning in the modern world.’ The guidance of young children is believed to be a form of brainwashing the children, and attempting to inform them until they are old enough to make their own decisions upon matters. Due to the rapidly changing modern world people have less time, and want to have fun and enjoy life. They see religion as restraining the good side of life by introducing dress codes, and rules, which they must obey.

4.Describe how religion is a distinctive answer to the human search for meaning and purpose in life.
As religion describes and is based upon how the world has been created, it also, depending up on the religion, gives a distinctive answer to the meaning of life and who we are. For example, in the Buddhists religion, their main goal in life and the most they could achieve is to move out of the constant cycle into Nirvana. Similar to Christianity as many Christians are seeking forgiveness from God, and a goal would to be spending the rest of eternity in Heaven with God, in their life after death. Although, depending

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